We See Hope in Pauline

Pauline (18), Eve (15), and Freda* (10) were left living alone when both of their parents passed away. Pauline, who was only 15 at the time, became the head of their household and took on the responsibility of caring for her younger sisters. With no household income or support network, however, the girls were often going hungry and had dropped out of school.


Whilst attending her local Kids’ Club, Pauline was spotted looking alone and afraid by one of the trained volunteers who runs the club. She was so worried about not having enough food for Eve and Freda and was in need of help.


The Kids’ Club volunteers started to visit the girls at home regularly, creating a vital support system to ensure they had enough food, clothes and protection. Pauline was provided with a bicycle to help her to earn an income, some goats to provide milk and kids, and a garden to grow produce. Together, the Kids’ Club and the community came together to care for them and since then the girls have been eating three meals a day and Eve and Freda are back in school.


*Names have been changed to maintain confidentiality.