Rather than delivering the work on the ground ourselves, we work alongside local African project partners to build and implement programmes.


We believe they are best placed to support orphans and vulnerable children and their carers for the long term as they are embedded in the local communities, understand the local culture and the issues the children face.


WeSeeHope believes this is the most efficient and effective way of working to see our vision become reality for many young lives.


We work hard to develop solid relationships with our project partners to ensure honesty, reliability and transparency from both sides. We visit each of them twice a year to monitor the work, meet with the project staff, visit the children and see the activities on the ground.





Over the years we have developed a methodology for how to work most efficiently and effectively to bring the widest and most long-term change to the young people we support.


Here are the guiding principles that shape the way we work:


  • Multiplication – We develop programmes that can be easily replicated from one community to another, one region to another and even one country to another. Our experience to date shows that, when compared to the original programme, a successfully replicated programme has the potential to reach 30% more vulnerable children for the same input!
  • Sustainability – Every programme we implement has inbuilt elements for income generation or sustainability such as food gardens or pig rearing to ensure this support exists far into the future.
  • Community Ownership – We ensure that all activities have full investment from the local leadership and involvement by the community to best help surround vulnerable children with a supportive structure and create real longevity.
  • Innovation – Our resourcefulness, flexibility and relationship with the local project partners enables us to test new ideas, activities and methods to develop innovative models that increase our reach and impact.
  • Knowledge Exchange – We organise knowledge exchange visits between our local project partners, enabling those who are new to certain areas of our work to learn from the experience of others and support those with weaknesses or challenges.

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