By sharing our resources and technical expertise with a network of in-country partners, we build and strengthen their capacity to deliver our programmes in areas where they are most needed.

Then together we equip communities with the skills to run our programmes independently within four years so they can sustainably support their children for years to come.

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Forming partnerships

We partner with registered NGOs and community-based organisations in Kenya, Malawi, Tanzania, Uganda and Zimbabwe who specialise in working with vulnerable children. Regardless of size or location, we find organisations with great people and inspiring ways of working who share our focus on community ownership and involvement.

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Building our partners’ capacity

From day one, our Programmes team provide all of our partners with technical expertise, guidance and training in how to deliver our programmes. They share their knowledge, skills and problem-solving abilities based on years of learning and experience.

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Listening to communities

Before we start working in any community, our partners meet with community leaders and members to uncover the specific problems that vulnerable children are facing there. They research social, health, education and economic factors so we can work hand-in-hand to create the most sustainable impact.

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Working together

We work in every community as part of a four-year engagement strategy and, together with our partners, we take the following steps:


We engage local community leaders and officials with the introduction of our programmes, who identify volunteers to be a part of them.


We provide training and support to the community volunteers, parents and guardians and children who are part of our programmes.


We instigate activities, such as food gardens and poultry projects, and increase opportunities to generate an income through savings and loans groups and business training.


Through refresher training and local leadership meetings, we ensure communities have the skills to be independent of any support within four years.

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Making sure it works

To monitor and evaluate our partnerships and programmes, we visit each of our partners a minimum of twice a year. We listen to the children, parents and guardians, and community members who are part of our programmes to learn about what’s going well and what isn’t.

Combined with detailed reports, financial audits and impact assessments that we require from each of our partners, this means we can constantly improve and deepen our impact.

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Moving on

When we are confident in a community’s ability to run our programmes, we move on with our partners to identify others in need. We believe working in this way creates longevity in our programmes and enables us to use our resources to reach more vulnerable children in other communities.

How are we using our approach to grow?