Our Social Entrepreneurs Project

The Social Entrepreneurs Project (SEP) is our innovative fundraising challenge for young people.

We partner with schools and ask their students to come up with an enterprising business idea. They are then given £10 of seed capital and challenged to put it into action!

The students make all of the commercial decisions; they design the business model, produce a marketing plan and test their financial skills.

And it is remarkable what inspiring businesses they create. 3D printed luggage tags, hand painted tiles, recycled bottle lamps and printed t-shirts are just a few examples.

All of the profits they generate go towards teaching skills to other young people through our programmes, creating an impact far beyond the walls of their classroom.

If your school wants to take on the SEP, please get in touch with our Supporter Care and Admin Assistant, Craig, at Craig@WeSeeHope.org.uk.

Find out how we teach young entrepreneurs to be carpenters, tailors and hairdressers!