PASADA, Tanzania

PASADA, Tanzania

The coastal region of Mkuranga, Tanzania, has a high prevalence of HIV/AIDs, which has a significant impact on the community. The majority of support services are designed to meet medical needs, but orphans and vulnerable young people, and their carers, receive very little support to deal with other challenges. Guardians struggle to cope with children’s grief and other trauma without sufficient parenting skills. Families survive on very low income with little opportunity to develop their businesses, and young people find it difficult to secure employment.


Together with PASADA, our local partner in Tanzania, we aim to improve the quality of life of orphans and vulnerable children in this region. Through providing young people with counselling and support, we can help them work through grief or other trauma. We train guardians so they are more able to care for vulnerable children and we help strengthen their business skills so they can increase their income to care for their families better, and for longer. We equip young people with vocational training and entrepreneurship skills so they can become financially independent, support their families and also their peers.

How we make a difference:

  • We work closely with PASADA to understand the local context, to develop community-owned responses, and to share knowledge and solutions from other places in which we operate.
  • Together, we provide emotional and social support to hundreds of orphans and vulnerable children aged 10-18 in Mkuranga district, in order to increase their resilience to cope with their own situation.
  • We train community volunteers to run children’s clubs where children can socialise and play together, alongside receiving counselling to cope with grief or other trauma.
  • We provide vocational training to orphans and vulnerable young people aged 15-18, who have been unable to finish school due to personal or financial reasons, in order to develop their skills and increase their employability.
  • We help to select the vocational training courses each young person will attend and supply the required training materials. We also provide entrepreneurship training to develop their business skills for the future.
  • We train the caregivers of these young people in parenting skills, entrepreneurship and business development, and also help them establish savings and loans associations. This enables them to meet the needs of the children in their care for the long term.


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