Oasis Skills Training, Zimbabwe

Oasis Skills Training Zimbabwe

Oasis Skills Training, Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe’s ongoing economic and political challenges greatly affect vulnerable girls. Many young people can’t afford to attend school and, with no qualifications or immediate employment opportunities, they take to the streets to beg for money. Once on the streets, they are at threat from crime and negative influences, and girls are especially vulnerable to prostitution.


We work with our local project partner, Oasis, to reach these vulnerable girls through a pioneering skills training project in Harare. Our aim is to equip girls with tailoring and business skills over a twelve month period, to provide them with a safe and legal way to earn a living which is, importantly, sustainable for the long term.

How we make a difference:

  • We work closely with Oasis to understand the local context, to develop community-owned responses, and to share knowledge and solutions from other places where we operate.
  • Together, we train and empower orphaned and vulnerable young women so they can earn a sustainable income and can drive change in their communities themselves.
  • We equip the young women with vocational training in tailoring and give them business skills including money management and IT.
  • We provide basic tailoring kits to all graduates to give them the materials needed to start their own tailoring businesses.
  • We run additional short courses for girls who have been living on the streets, to give them the skills and confidence needed to earn a living.
  • Our team members carry out home visits to each of the trainees once a fortnight to meet with them and their guardians together, to discuss their course attendance, skills progress, health, relationships, current challenges and suggestions for next steps.
  • We mentor the girls for six months following their training to help them find apprenticeships or employment or to guide them in starting up their own businesses.


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