Oasis Mbale, Uganda

Oasis Mbale, Uganda

Orphans and vulnerable children in Southern and Eastern Africa face huge challenges to their safety, wellbeing and development. Oasis, our project partner in Uganda, has developed training models for parents, community leaders, teachers and children in child protection, child rights, positive parenting and the importance of education.


Oasis identified a need to protect vulnerable young people in Mbale, Uganda, where there is low awareness among both adults and children, of child protection issues. Young girls, here especially, are particularly susceptible to HIV/AIDS, physical, emotional and sexual abuse, early and forced marriages, early pregnancy and exclusion from school.

How we make a difference:

  • We work closely with Oasis to understand the local context, to develop community-owned responses, and to share knowledge and solutions from other places where we operate.
  • Together, we offer young orphaned and vulnerable girls vocational training, ‘life skills’ sessions and home visits, to help them develop their skills, make healthy life choices and increase their self-esteem.
  • We run training sessions in schools about child rights, child protection and anti-trafficking, reaching thousands of children from the schools and wider community.
  • We train selected children to become Child Ambassadors and run Safe Clubs in schools to actively promote child rights and build the children’s confidence in confiding in trusted adults.
  • We equip community members and local council leaders with knowledge on child rights and how to protect young people.
  • We provide weekly ‘catch up’ classes for orphans and vulnerable children from selected schools to improve their educational skills and offer emotional and social support.
  • We establish village savings and loans associations as part of our Village Investors Programme (VIP), which enables those looking after vulnerable children to pool their small resources and make business loans to each other, in order to earn a sustainable living and support the children in their care better, and for longer.

We See Hope in Sharon

Take a look at how Sharon gained invaluable skills through Oasis Mbale’s training course.

Sharon Oasis Mbale Uganda


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