In loving memory of friend of WeSeeHope, Perry Evans


In loving memory of friend of WeSeeHope, Perry Evans

29th April 2024

We are very sad to share the news that one of our earliest trustees, patron and dear friend Perry Evans passed away on 15th April.

When WeSeeHope was just getting started back in 2000, Perry stepped up without hesitation to offer his help and support. He has journeyed with us ever since, and despite his own health challenges, has been an ever-present source of encouragement and inspiration.

Perry was one of the most courageous people you could ever have met. Having defied death on multiple occasions over the last 40 years, he refused to let his ill-health define him.

Perry received infected blood as a haemophiliac and, at the age of 24, was told that he had HIV. After being treated through the years for multiple illnesses, Perry was living with a body that was scarred and had suffered irreplaceable damage.

Our Co-Founders, Phil and Wendy Wall MBE, note: “Perry leaves a legacy that WeSeeHope is proud to be a part of. We want to honour him for a life so well lived and, for those of us who knew him, a man who helped us be better people.”

We extend our deepest condolences to Perry’s family and friends; you are in our thoughts.