Get a group of colleagues together and cover 10,000km – in your own time and in your own way – as part of our virtual distance challenge!


Whenever you like




Walk, run, cycle, or get creative!

10,000km is the average distance from the UK to the four countries we work in – Kenya, Malawi, Tanzania and Uganda. As part of our HOPE10,000, we are challenging companies to cover this distance and raise funds and awareness for our work with vulnerable children along the way.


Kick-start the challenge by deciding how you’re going to get as many people involved as possible, how much you want to raise and whether you want to give yourselves a deadline.

Set up a JustGiving page explaining why your company is taking on the challenge and create a shared spreadsheet or Strava group to log your collective distance.

Encourage everyone to take on their kilometres – whether it’s a 2km stroll with a friend, a 5km lunchtime jog or a 60km weekend cycle.

Ask the HOPE10,000-ers to either donate for their distance or suggest that they go out to their personal and professional networks for sponsorship.

Keep momentum up by sending updates about your progress and how far you have to go.

Top tip: Boost motivation by offering matching for every km covered. For instance, 25p per km cycled, 50p per km run and 75p per km walked.

Please get in touch if you’re interested in finding out more.


One of the biggest challenges that vulnerable children face is that without financial security at home and in their community, long-term access to an education, basic necessities, good health and safety are significantly reduced.

That’s why, through our Village Investors Programme (VIP), we economically empower parents and guardians like Agnes, pictured above. We do this by establishing self-funding savings and loans groups, and by training members in community banking, business and financial skills.

Our aim is to help them to access loan capital that they can use to start or expand businesses, and to provide a safe place to save their money on a regular basis. As a result of earning and saving a sustainable income, members are better able to provide for and protect the children in their care.

To put your support into context:


would be enough to establish a VIP group and train them over three years, economically empowering 23 parents and guardians and directly benefitting 67 children in their care.


would be enough to establish five VIP groups and train them over three years, economically empowering 115 parents and guardians and directly benefitting 335 children in their care.


would be enough to establish 10 VIP groups and train them over three years, economically empowering 230 parents and guardians and directly benefitting 670 children in their care.

We know from our data that for every £1 we invest in training and resources for VIP groups, they are able to generate £3.83 of working capital through their business and savings and loans activities. This excludes any profits they use day-to-day to improve their family’s lives and don’t put back into the group.

So every £1 you raise = £4, plus a whole lot more.

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