We collaborate with schools, churches and other community groups who want to use their passion and resources to make a difference.

Together we put their skills, faith and networks into action.

In schools, we create a buzz around social awareness and impact. As part of our Social Entrepreneurs Project (SEP), we challenge students to use £10 seed capital to start their own business venture. Our aim is to give them a platform to develop their entrepreneurial skills and help other young people as a result.

In churches, we communicate the power of faith. We join your prayer meetings, support you at your events, and connect with your parish members. We want you to know the impact that you have and will report directly to you on the change your support creates through programme updates, stories of hope and videos.

Our team will support you to be innovative and creative in your fundraising, and celebrate your every success!

Does your school have a charity of the year?
Choosing WeSeeHope as your school’s Charity of the Year would give you the chance to focus all your school’s fundraising efforts on giving vulnerable children the skills to build sustainable futures for themselves.

Ask us about our faith-based partners…
A number of our partners who deliver our programmes are faith-based organisations. We work with them because their existing networks, resources and infrastructure allows us to access areas that it would otherwise not be possible to reach. If your church is interested in finding out more and building a connection with one of these partners, please get in touch to find out more.

Get in touch with our Supporter Care & Admin Assistant, Craig Currie, if you would like to find out more.

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