Take on the 1010 CHALLENGE

We invite you to take on our famous entrepreneurial 1010 challenge with your school, church, company or individually. How will you use who you are to make a difference?

Our 1010 Challenge

Our story began with the 1010 challenge when our founders, Phil and Wendy Wall, challenged thousands of people to use their talents, passions and networks to multiply the £10 they were given. In turn, the money raised has continued to enable the young people we work with in Africa to discover and nurture their own entrepreneurial skills, providing for themselves and their families into the future.

Your 1010 Challenge

Got your tenner? Now what?
1. What’s your big idea (product/service and how it will make money)? How can you refine it?
2. Who will help you? Do you need anyone’s permission before you proceed?
3. How will you advertise and motivate people to buy from you?
4. What risks are there and how will you mitigate them?
5. How much will it cost? How can you be sure to make a profit to raise funds for WeSeeHope?

Once you’ve successfully raised £100, or even more, you can make the donation online here >

If you’d like to discuss taking on the 1010 Challenge with our team, we’d be happy to help support you. Contact Hello@WeSeeHope.org.uk or call us on +44 (0) 208 288 1196.