A story from ANPPCAN, Kenya

In 2013, Mediatrix joined a VIP group at her children’s school, run by our project partner ANPPCAN Kenya. When her husband died in 2001, she had no money and no business income to help her care for her five children. She struggled to pay their schools fees, which meant they missed out on classes.


Once she joined Mujuru Group One, Mediatrix began to sell sugar and tea leaves in small quantities. Many customers bought her products, as there were no nearby shops competing for the trade. With the support of the VIP programme, Mediatrix was able to expand her business. As well as sugar and tea leaves, she now also sells dried fish, eggs, flour, maize, ground nuts, tomatoes, cooking oil, biscuits, popcorn, soda, soap and even mobile phone airtime.

She has learned the best quantities of products to purchase in order to make a profit. She buys 10kg of sugar at 900sh to sell at 1100sh (equivalent to $12); two crates of eggs at 580sh to sell at 900sh (equivalent to $10); and 6,000sh of dried fish to sell at 2,000sh (equivalent to $22). In a two week period, her average net profit is 3,785sh (equivalent to $41), with fish being the most profit-making product.


Mediatrix meets with her VIP group twice a month, and she has saved enough money to buy a calf for milk, seeds to harvest beans and maize, and also to pay her children’s school fees. She is now saving to build a permanent shop outside her home. Her VIP group has given her economic empowerment, a means to cover her children’s schooling, and companionship from the other group members. Two years ago her life was a struggle, but today she is optimistic.


(Exchange rate $1: 92 shillings)

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