Heidi and Rose

We See Hope in Heidi and Rose

A Story from MPC Blantyre, Malawi

Ten year old Heidi* was found lying by the side of the road, hungry, exhausted and frightened. She had run away from an abusive home but was spotted by your project team at MPC Blantyre.


Rose, one of the community volunteers and a member of MPC Blantyre’s home-based care team, took Heidi in, cared for her and got her back on her feet. Heidi has also joined the project’s Kids’ Club where she received counselling and support, gained confidence and made friends.

Heidi MPC Blantyre Malawi

Rose is a member of the local Village Investors Programme (VIP) group and has set up a business so she is able to provide for Heidi and her three grandchildren that she cares for. She used the loans from her VIP group to sell groundnuts and tomatoes, eventually making enough of a profit to buy some goats, meaning she now also sells goat milk and manure. This has substantially increased her income and better enabled her to protect the children in her care.


With the support of the VIP group, Rose formally adopted Heidi, providing her with a loving family and home.


*Name has been changed to maintain confidentiality.

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