Denis and Amos


A story from ACET, Uganda

Denis* (19) and Amos* (20) work for a garage in Gulu Town in Northern Uganda where they are undergoing an apprenticeship learning mechanics.


They live with their grandparents and siblings, and left secondary school after only a year as they weren’t able to pay their exam fees. Our project partner ACET identified them as having left education without qualifications and offered them the opportunity to attend a vocational course and receive business management skills. They received a year of training in mechanics and the chance to carry out their apprenticeship. This is unpaid but alongside the apprenticeship they can take on basic jobs such as changing and fixing tyres for small fees, on average they earn the equivalent of £2.50 for every tyre they work on.

Once Denis and Amos have completed their apprenticeship they will ‘pay it forward’ by training other young people in the skills they have learned. They are also part of an Orphan Affairs Council (OAC), receiving training alongside other young people to support one another in their careers and together they campaign within the community for the rights and education and employment opportunities for vulnerable young people.


Since they began their apprenticeship they have both joined a Village Investors Programme (VIP) group and are able to save their money and make loans with other members of their community.


The young men told us that the greatest impact of this project on them was their new feeling of financial independence and their ability to support their grandparents and siblings.


*Names have been changed to maintain confidentiality.

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