We See Hope in Annie

A Story from RIDE, Uganda

Annie* is 20 years old and lives in the district of Kyenjojo in Uganda. When she was at school, Annie became a member of one of our Child Rights Club, which had been set up by our local project partner, RIDE.


Our Child Rights Programme seeks to strengthen child protection structures and systems in schools and wider communities, increasing the awareness of child rights issues and promoting the protection of children. We know that children who have experienced or encountered grief and abuse themselves can be a huge driving force for change at a community level, so we empower children and young people to help others through pioneering Child Rights Clubs.

Annie is an orphan and when she dropped out of secondary school and stopped attending her Child Rights Club, RIDE recognised that she needed more help and support, especially as she was caring for her siblings. She therefore took part in our Vocational Skills Training Programme in which she was taught hairdressing and business skills so she could start earning a regular income and providing for her siblings.


As part of the programme, Annie received a start-up kit so she could establish herself as a hairdresser; she now has her own shop from which she has trained five more vulnerable children in her community to become hairdressers. Three of her trainees still work with her in her shop and the other two have gone on to set up their own businesses.

Annie's Hairdressers

Annie's Stall

From the money she earns from her hairdresser business, Annie has been able to set up a side business buying and selling vegetables, send her siblings back to school and buy a goat and two pigs, which serve as a long-term economic safety net for them all.


*Name has been changed to main confidentiality.