Undugu Nakuru, Kenya

Undugu Nakuru, Kenya

Thousands of orphans and vulnerable young people live on the streets of Kenya. Our local project partner, Undugu, has 30 years of experience working with street children, and has pioneered an approach that recognises that the young people themselves should be part of the solution to the problems they encounter. Through the Street Associations model, we work with the gangs young people are inevitably forced to join, to create supportive and economically viable self-help associations.


The Associations agree their own rules, and members are trained to start small businesses, such as rubbish recycling or car washing, in order to generate legal and sustainable income. Our partner Undugu registers Association members for ID cards, which reduces police harassment and enables them to access other basic services, eventually allowing them to leave the streets on a permanent basis. In return, the Associations actively look out for new young children on the streets and quickly refer them to the Undugu Street Team for help.


This project has been replicated from the streets of Nairobi to Nakuru town, north east of Nairobi.

How we make a difference:

  • We work closely with Undugu, to understand the local context, to develop community-owned responses, and to share knowledge and solutions from other places in which we operate.
  • Together, we create and support Street Associations, equipping young people with ‘life skills’ to deal with drugs and substance abuse.
  • We equip youths from the associations with apprenticeship training, business management and entrepreneurship training.
  • We run football camps and camping sessions to help the children reflect on their behaviour, make plans and commit to change their behaviour for more positive futures.


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