Since WeSeeHope was founded, our partnerships with Charitable Trusts and Foundations have been fundamental to how we are able to support orphaned and vulnerable children in Southern and Eastern Africa. We are fortunate enough to be supported by many organisations who share our approach and we work closely with them to find a project that suits their mission, whether it be our Pre-School Programme, Community Kids’ Clubs, Vocational Skills Training initiative or Village Investors Programme.


If your Trust or Foundation would like to know more about how you can get involved with WeSeeHope, please contact and take a look at our case study with LiveTwice below…



LiveTwice is an organisation founded by Liz Earle MBE in 2013 that offers opportunities to the disadvantaged through practical skills training and personal support. LiveTwice partnered with WeSeeHope in 2012 and together we built our Community Kids’ Clubs in Embu, Kenya which has been running since 2013.


Our Community Kids’ Clubs provide a safe place where children can make friends, play and learn without fear of stigma, abuse and exploitation. At the Clubs, the children learn about life skills, their rights and the importance of education, and they are given the opportunity to socialise and become leaders. Crucially they are managed and led by community members who ensure that the children receive counselling and specialist care at the Club and that they are supported at home.


Thanks to the generosity of LiveTwice, 38 Kids’ Clubs are running in Embu which nearly 2,500 orphans and vulnerable children regularly attend.


In order to make the impact of our Kids’ Clubs in Embu more sustainable, together with LiveTwice we have introduced our Village Investors Programme (VIP) into the communities in Embu. The VIP economically empowers the parents and guardians of orphaned and vulnerable children by establishing simple savings and loans groups. These groups enable VIP members to save money, establish or improve small businesses and make business loans to each other, meaning they can better support the children in their care.


In 2017 alone, thanks to the support of LiveTwice, we have established 13 VIP groups in Embu which support over 1,100 orphaned and vulnerable children.

Liz Earle MBE visiting the Community Kids' Club in Embu

Photo by Patrick Drummond

Liz Earle MBE visiting the Community Kids' Club in Embu

Photo by Patrick Drummond