WeSeeHope is proud to share stories from the children we support.


In the 18 years since our own story began, we have heard countless stories from the children, young people and communities in Southern and Eastern Africa that we’ve had the privilege of working with. These personal accounts have shown us extraordinary strength and human spirit in the face of difficult, and at times seemingly insurmountable, challenges.


We know that changed lives often go on to change many more lives themselves and by sharing the stories yourself, you can help this ripple effect go even further.


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RESTORE – Rehabilitating and reintegrating isolated children into a caring community.


PROTECT – Educating communities to safeguard children and uphold their rights.


EDUCATE – Enabling impoverished children to access education and opportunity.


EQUIP – Training young people in skills and enterprise for impoverished lives.


SUSTAIN – Economically enabling communities to support vulnerable children for the long term.

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Annie* is 20 years old and lives in the district of Kyenjojo in Uganda. When she was at school, Annie became a member of one of our Child Rights Club…

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Beatrice* is 14 years old and is a member of one our Kids’ Clubs run by our local project partner, PASADA, in Tanzania. She lives in the coastal region of Mkuranga where there is a high prevalence of HIV/AIDS…

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Charles* is 22 years old and an orphan who cares for his five siblings (all under the age of 17) and three cousins. When the WeSeeHope team first met Charles…

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Denis and Amos

Denis* (19) and Amos* (20) work for a garage in Gulu Town in Northern Uganda where they are undergoing an apprenticeship learning mechanics…

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When the WeSeeHope team first met Derrick*, 17, he and his younger brother were living alone following the death of their parents…

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Following the death of both of his parents when he was younger, Fred was struggling to cope. But with his new skills as a tinsmith, he is earning an income and building a better future for himself.

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George* is 18 years old and lives with his mother and five siblings in Malawi. When his father died, George was responsible for supporting the family but without a regular income…

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Heidi and Rose

Ten year old Heidi* was found lying by the side of the road, hungry, exhausted and frightened. She had run away from an abusive home but was spotted by your project team at MPC Blantyre…

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Irene is a member of our Village Investors Programme which is helping her to take care of her two grandchildren…

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Jennifer lives in a village in Kenya with four of her five children. Her husband regularly works away from home and she used to be left to provide for the basic needs of her children; “We lived a simple and hard life…

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John* was 15 years old when he started living on the streets of Nakuru in eastern Kenya. His parents had both passed away and his four siblings were already working on the streets as luggage carriers…

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Kelvin* is 16 years old and lives in Malawi. His parents passed away when he was young leaving him and his older brother to care for themselves…

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In 2013, Mediatrix joined a VIP group at her children’s school, run by our project partner ANPPCAN Kenya. When her husband died in 2001, she had no money and no business income…

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Obert, Irene & Jane

Through our Vocational Training Programme, Obert has become a tailor and gone on to create a ripple effect of hope.

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Olive* is an orphan living with her grandmother and attending Rwamukora primary school in Uganda. In rural Uganda, orphans like Olive are particularly vulnerable…

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Oliver* is a member of one of our Kids’ Clubs in Zimbabwe which was set up in September 2016 and is run by our local project partner, SA Zimbabwe…

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Pauline (18), Eve (15), and Freda* (10) were left living alone when both of their parents passed away. Pauline, who was only 15 at the time, became the head of their household and took on the responsibility of caring for her younger sisters…

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Peace is a member of our Village Investors Programme in Western Uganda, which is helping her to save money and care for the children in her care.

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When we first met Peter* in 2016, he was living on his own, distressed and struggling to cope. His older brother, who had been earning a small amount of money for the household working in a garden…

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We See Hope in Sharon


Sharon, 17, is an orphan who was forced to drop out of school when she fell pregnant aged 12. She sadly lost her father due to HIV/AIDS when she was just three years old…

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Stephen lives on the streets of Kibera slum, Nairobi. Before he met WeSeeHope partner, Undugu, he used to drink a lot simply to drown out the struggle…

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Since Yona completed his tinsmith training, he has been creating change in his own life, and in the lives of other.

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