Schools Seeing Hope


WeSeeHope works with schools to help students engage with the challenges faced by their peers in Southern and Eastern Africa, and resources them to be part of the solution. Partnering your school with WeSeeHope will empower your school to create hope and opportunity for some of the most vulnerable children on the planet.

Social Entrepreneurs Project


The SEP gives students an insight into the world of business and offers vocational skills that will be useful after leaving school.


We challenge school pupils to take £10 ‘seed capital’, create a business (either individually or in small groups) and make a profit! The students make all of the decisions, and lead on the creative ideas for the business and marketing, test their financial and business skills and try to outperform their classmates.


Students taking part in SEP have already developed businesses generating £1,372,000 of profit! Find out more here >

“Having been involved in the Social Entrepreneurs Project, I can recommend the scheme as a great way of learning and developing new skills, whilst at the same time helping to make a difference in the lives of some of the world’s most disadvantaged children.”

Karen Millen, fashion designer and entrepreneur


Choosing WeSeeHope as your school’s Charity of the Year would give you the chance to focus all your school’s fundraising efforts on enabling vulnerable young people in Southern and Eastern Africa to create a better future for themselves.


How you do that is up to you, there’s no set formula. You could opt to hold a Charity Day every half term, with different activities each time such as non-uniform days, bake sales or school discos. Or you could concentrate all your fundraising into one week culminating in major events such as talent shows, auctions, quizzes, or sponsored walks.

Want to find out more about our school partnerships, the Social Entrepreneurs Project and Charity of the Year? Contact Millie at, +44 (0) 208 288 4294.