SA Isiolo, Kenya


Orphans and isolated children in Southern and Eastern Africa face huge challenges to their safety, well being and development. Together with SA Isiolo, we equip children with knowledge and the ability to identify and report violations of their rights, and speak up for other children in their school and community. Isiolo town is a transit point in Kenya, meaning there are high levels of prostitution and drug trafficking in the area, which can create a damaging and dangerous environment for the children who live there.


We promote and increase awareness of child rights, strengthen child protection structures and systems in schools and in the wider community, and support orphaned and vulnerable children through Child Rights Clubs. We empower children to share their knowledge on children’s rights at school and back in their communities, as we know that children who have experienced abuse themselves can be a huge driving force for change at community level.


  • We work closely with SA Isiolo to understand the local context and to develop community-owned responses.
  • Together, we establish Child Rights Clubs and Child Help Desks to support vulnerable children and young people and ensure child abuse and neglect cases are identified and reported to the authorities.
  • We train and empower vulnerable young people to be advocates of child rights themselves, helping them to educate their peers and increase awareness of child rights issues and the value of child participation.
  • We provide training for teachers, Child Rights Club patrons and Child Help Desk representatives in emotional support to equip them to care for children reporting abuse or neglect.
  • We use existing community structures to increase awareness of child rights. We work closely with key community leaders and use their meetings to discuss matters around child protection and train them in delivering information and teaching on child rights.
  • We organise Community Awareness Days to further increase awareness of child rights and child protection issues among parents, guardians, teachers and community members.
  • We work closely with our other well-established project partners in Kenya, who provide us with support and share their knowledge and experience in child rights issues in the area.


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