RIDE, Uganda

RIDE, Uganda

There are many orphans and vulnerable children in need of support in the rural areas of Uganda. We work with our local project partner, RIDE, to promote child rights in primary and secondary schools, and the wider community, in order to reduce abuse and neglect.


Together we teach children, parents and teachers about child rights, and link them to the trained community volunteers they can report abuses to. This empowers the community to challenge the abuse and neglect of children, and also gives adults a better understanding of the importance of children attending school.


Our work helps to reduce the number of cases of child rights violations in Uganda, including child labour, early marriage, neglect and lack of access to school education.

How we make a difference:

  • We work closely with RIDE to understand the local context, to develop community-owned responses, and to share knowledge and solutions from other places where we operate.
  • Together, we work with teachers, community leaders and guardians, to promote child rights and the adequate care of children, to the whole community.
  • We train hundreds of orphans and other vulnerable children in leadership skills to help them advocate for the promotion and protection of their rights.
  • We establish Child Rights Clubs in schools and provide training for teachers and volunteers.
  • We invest in equipment for the Child Rights Clubs, to help children take part in music, dance and drama activities to promote child rights to their communities through performance.
  • We organise exchange visits to schools that are active in child rights advocacy work, so other schools can learn best practice from them, can witness the benefits, and can seek advice to solve their own challenges.
  • We establish and train local Child Rights Monitoring Committees to track the situation in school and through home visits, and we train Human Rights Ambassadors to support those who report cases of abuse.
  • We help Child Rights Clubs members to establish income generating activities to help buy books, pay for uniforms and support other vulnerable children in the community.

We See Hope in Charles

Find out more about how RIDE empowered Charles to set up his own carpentry shop, enabling him to look after his siblings.

Charles Ride, Uganda


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