WeSeeHope works with churches to help turn faith into action, and to get church families working together for social change. You can get your church involved in whole host of ways – have a read below!


Working through faith-based organisations in Southern and Eastern Africa provides a means of engaging the whole community to ensure a sense of ownership for a particular project or issue. Community ownership also makes use of existing networks, resources and infrastructure to access areas that it would otherwise not be possible to reach.


If the project has come from the community, by the people of the community, we have found it has a much higher success rate. Partners that are faith-based or work through faith communities and organisations to support the orphans and vulnerable young people we serve are invaluable in achieving this success and making it sustainable.

We can help devise a programme to suit your church, no matter how large or small. We encourage working together towards shared goals, and celebrating progress together.

Want to find our more about our church partnerships and discuss ideas for how we could work together? Contact Millie at, +44 (0) 208 288 4294.