ANPPCAN, Tanzania

ANPPCAN, Tanzania

Orphans and vulnerable children in Southern and Eastern Africa face huge challenges to their safety, wellbeing and development. Together with the African Network for the Prevention and Protection Against Child Abuse and Neglect (ANPPCAN), we reduce the number of child abuse and neglect cases in the communities where we operate in Tanzania.


We strengthen child protection structures and systems in schools and the wider community, increase awareness of child rights issues and how to protect children, and maximise opportunities for knowledge sharing by encouraging networking and partnerships. We know that children who have experienced or encountered abuse themselves can be a huge driving force for change at a community level, so we empower children and young people to help others through pioneering Child Rights Clubs across Tanzania.

How we make a difference:

  • We work closely with ANPPCAN to understand the local context, to develop community-owned responses, and to share knowledge and solutions from other places where we operate.
  • Together, we increase awareness of child rights and child protection issues among parents, guardians, community leaders, teachers, and other community members, through training sessions, debate forums and exchange visits.
  • We establish Child Rights Clubs and Child Help Desks to support vulnerable children and young people and ensure child abuse and neglect cases are identified and reported to the authorities.
  • We provide training for teachers, Child Rights Club patrons and Child Help Desk representatives in psycho-social support to equip them to support children reporting abuse or neglect.
  • We train and empower vulnerable young people to be advocates of child rights themselves, helping them to educate their peers and raise awareness of child rights issues and the value of child participation.
  • We increase the capacity of community leaders to effectively provide support and protection to orphans and vulnerable children, and also to promote child rights and child participation to the whole community.
  • We establish village savings and loans associations as part of our Village Investors Programme (VIP), which enables those looking after vulnerable children to pool their small resources and make business loans to each other, in order to earn a sustainable living and support the children in their care better, and for longer.


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