We make sure communities can sustain their support for young people - watch Martin's story to find out how.

Village Investors Programme (VIP)

Through grassroots saving and loans groups, our Village Investors Programme (VIP) enables communities to economically support and sustain vulnerable children for the long term. Parents, guardians and committed community volunteers are given the opportunity to save their money and borrow small loans to build their businesses, meaning they can look after the children in their care better, and for longer.


The Village Investors Programme (VIP) benefits all our projects and our work to restore, protect, educate and equip orphans and other vulnerable young people. We are currently training up and equipping our project partners to establish VIP in all the communities they work in.



  • VIP provides simple savings and loan facilities in communities that do not have easy access to formal financial services.
  • One VIP group consists of around 23 members, who collectively care for as many as 70 orphans and vulnerable children.
  • Trained local facilitators provide comprehensive training in the Village Investors Programme model, as well as additional business skills.
  • Group members attend regular meetings where they deposit money into the savings pot. Loans are then made from the pot to members who make a special request and are approved by the rest of the group.

VIP Group
  • With this money, the members can establish or improve small businesses, to increase their household income. They pay back the loan with interest.
  • Groups contribute to a welfare pot, enabling emergency, interest-free loans for any member in need, and a fines pot for those arriving late to a meeting.
  • The members also make donations to a children’s pot, which enables the group to give additional support to the most vulnerable orphans and isolated children in the community.
  • VIP groups are also encouraged to earn together through group enterprises, resulting in further income and a greater sense of community.
  • VIP groups are self-governed and self-financed. Members set their own bylaws and pool their own money to make loans to each other, with no external finance. This ensures high levels of ownership and accountability.


Rehabilitating and reintegrating isolated children into a caring community.


Educating communities to safeguard children and uphold their rights.


Enabling impoverished children to access education and opportunity.


Training young people in skills and enterprise for sustainable lives.